Piercing FAQ

Do piercings hurt?

Yes all piercings hurt to a certain degree.

Do some piercings hurt worse than others?

Yes the amount that piercings hurt is dependent upon where it is located.

Does it matter which side I get my piercing on?

No longer, in this day and age it is up to the individual and there is no longer stigma attached to what side of the body a piercing is on

How long should I leave the jewelry in before I can change it out?

All piercings have a different amount of time required before jewelry can be changed. Ask your body art professional about your specific piercing.

Should I put peroxide or alcohol on my new piercing?

No! We recommend staying away from alcohol and peroxide because those products actually kill the good bacteria that help your body heal out a piercing.

What kind of jewelry should I use?

Nickel negative is the best. And we prefer to use jewelry that is exactly nickel negative or very small amounts.

Do you sell piercing supplies and/or needles?

No, we do not.

Do you do genital piercings?

No, we do not.

How old do you have to be get body piercings?

As long as you have your parent’s consent and proper identification, i.e. birth certificate, proper ID for parents so there is no question. Legal guardians or emancipation due to marriage is acceptable with proper proof.

Do you use ear piercing “guns”?

No, piercing “guns” cannot be properly sterilized and should never be used for piercings.

How long does a body piercing take to heal?

Each piercing has a different heal period.

Can a tongue piercing seriously hurt me if done incorrectly?

Yes, your tongue is directly connected with nerves which transfer directly to the brain and could cause serious complications if not dealt with properly.

Will my eating be limited after getting a tongue piercing?

Yes, for the first day or two you will experience pain while eating due to swelling from the new piercing.

Can I breast-feed with nipple piercings?

This is a topic which has some argument because some of the interior structure of the body will be damaged, however, some will open more than others so personal preference is the key. however as always consult your dr. about such decisions.

Can I swim after getting a body piercing?

You should avoid immersing your new piercing until it has healed.

How much do piercings cost?

They vary due to difficulty or placement.

Do you sell aftermarket body jewelry?

Yes. We have a limited selection of body jewelry available at our shop.